Family Planning and Sexual Health

We are please to be able to offer a comprehensive family planning service. This includes General contraceptive advice Advice and prescriptions for the oral contraceptive pill Advice and prescriptions for the Morning-after pill (Emergency contraception) Advice about Long Acting Reversible methods of contraception (LARCs) ‘Depo’ injections Implants Intra-uterine devices (see below) Prescribe and administer ‘Depo’ injections Fitting of the Intra-uterine Device, IUD, (the ‘coil) and the Intra-Uterine System, IUS (Mirena).

Sexual Health
If you think you may have a sexually transmitted infection (STI, STD), then you need to be seen in one of Nottingham’s many GUM clinics, or sexual health clinics (Female: 0115 9627747, Male: 0115 9627745).
If you have no symptoms of a sexually transmitted infection, but are sexually active and aged between 16 -25, then you are entitled to a free chlamydia screen. You can ask you doctor or nurse about this, or simply ask reception for a screening kit.