All consultations are by appointment. We do offer appointments, available for booking in advance, from 8.00am on most days.

To book an appointment up to 4 weeks in advance with the doctor of your choice you can come in to reception, telephone the surgery 0115 950 1854) or book on-line. You need to be registered to use the on-line service. Click here to read more.

During Covid our appointment system has had to change and adapt.  We have always offered and will continue to offer face to face appointments.  Please call the surgery for uptodate information on appointments, unfortunately our telephones are really busy.  For your information our telephones (for privacy reasons) are not answered on the front desk they are answered upstairs in our comms room.


Please remember:

Appointments are for one patient and one problem only.


If you cannot keep your appointment please let reception know as soon as possible so it can be made available for someone else.


Home visits

Home visits are available for patients who never leave the house or are too ill to do so due to an acute illness. Please call before 10am and be prepared to answer a few questions that will allow us to assess the urgency of your request. It is the doctor’s responsibility to decide the most appropriate place for the consultation to take place.

Why can't you get an appointment?